All my paintings I paint in the style of the Old Masters in oil glazing.

I get my paints from Schmincke, fine Mussini oil paints and I mix high quality color pigments from Kremer in linseed oil.

Dämonen, Tom Schell, Atelier Schell

A bit like a fairy tale, but also spooky and dramatic: the story of the Flying Dutchman. Every seven years, the "Flying Dutchman," captain of a ghost ship, is allowed to leave his ship and search ashore for a woman who will release him from his curse. Only if this woman loves him unconditionally and remains faithful to him can he and his crew hope for redemption and finally die.

Senta, the daughter of the Norwegian merchant Daland, is deeply touched when she hears the story of the Flying Dutchman for the first time. One day she comes face to face with the captain. Not surprisingly, the dreamy girl immediately believes that she must be the chosen one who alone can save the ghost captain. Erik, a hunter who is in love with Senta, tries to dissuade her from her conviction. But Senta wants to follow the captain.

The Flying Dutchman sees Senta together with Erik and assumes that she has decided against him. Disappointed, the captain orders his sailors to set sail and sails away with the ghost ship.

Senta wants to rush after him and prove her loyalty. She climbs a rock - and plunges into the sea.

Best beginning of a novel ever for me.

The image is called metempsychosis: the wandering of a soul through different (human & animal or plant) bodies in successive lives... recurring. Like a time travel ... WritingArt with soul access:

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of stupidity, it was the age of faith, it was the age of disbelief, it was the age of light, it was the age of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything ahead of us, we had nothing ahead of us, we were all going straight to heaven, we were all going straight the other way. -

In short, the time was so far like the present time that some of its loudest authorities insisted that it was received for good or for evil only by superlative comparison... "

- Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities -

My soul tree on Rügen - sea view - my inspiration for my picture Metempsychosis

A Common loon swims towards the midnight sun

One of my favorite quotes comes from Abhijit Naskar, author of "Love, God & Neurons: Memoir of a Scientist Who Found Himself Getting Lost."

He said: "Time is basically an illusion created by the mind to support our sense of temporal presence in the vast ocean of space. Without the neurons creating a virtual perception of the past and the future based on all our experiences, there is no actual existence of the past and the future.

All there is is the present."

Butterflies are for me messengers of light, joy and lightness. Splashes of color in the gray everyday life. They are symbols for the secret longing for tenderness and love. Butterflies have something light, something buoyant about them. They flutter from flower to flower, convey signs of life and give hope. Their becoming is a symbol: out of the larva and then out of the pupa emerges something more beautiful. In letting go of the past, something new grows. Different from before, often much more beautiful and easier. The thought that after all the heaviness, something lighter can come again, makes me happy and exhilarated.