All my work is a connection to the soul cycle of life.

They are snapshots of inner contemplation to give things a mental space.

Atelier Schell. Tom Schell.

About the "content" of my art

The content of art and the soul is an imaginary island that rises above the sea of reality and determines my creative work.

It is the voice of the unconscious within me and these ideas cannot be explained as fantasy ideas alone:

"In a strange way, a gifted spirit is characterized by the fact that it is urged and determined everywhere by the unconscious, the mysterious God in it, that views arise for it - it does not know where from; that it is urged to work and create - it does not know where to and that an urge of becoming and developing dominates it - it does not yet know what to."
Carl Gustav Carus

In fairy tales, myths and visions "figure transformations" are accomplished. They take place in thoughts and actually overcome the imaginary space, they become visible.
Humans become gods, gods become nature beings.
From the Egyptian Empire, to ancient Greece, to the present day, there are depictions of shape-shifting in art.
Nature transforms into people, people become works of nature.
Nature is art and art is nature, constantly changing.
Our development is history in pictures and at the same time transformation in the now.

In the media world, which is changing in the transition to the virtual age, a new mental change is just taking place again, imaginary in the mental.
The transformations, like every metamorphosis, are brought into real life only by gestalt fantasies.
The whole arsenal of fairy tales is available for these performances.
The change in virtual to reality is happening in the present time.
In these processes of change, much is dissolved and and perceived as a new reality.
The unrest that arises is reflected in society, in the media and all levels of society.
Today, the entire society is fueled by the virtual media world and mainly determines the present time.
Fiction becomes reality and breaks through our everyday life.

My art worlds are draft stages, inspirations to linger.

Tom Schell